K - the store allows kids avatars
F - the store allows furry avatars
A - adult land

1. "Me too, I wanna paint all roses!" **K, F**
2. "BJ is SQUARE dancing in da CLUB." **KF**
3. "You have to keep your guard up around when there are snakes around." **KF**
4. "Ask the beetle cat three times" **KF**
5. no longer available
6. "The snake loves cuddles"
7. no longer available
8. "Look...I think it came from the neatherworld."
9. no longer available
10. Check the hint giver at the store. **KF**
11. " You can light me up" **F**
12. "Make your way to the washer & dryer to get all the chocolate out of your clothing after playing in this chocolate fountain of fun." **AF**
13. "wow it shines so much"
14. You will find it without a hint :) (kids and furry avatars not allowed)
15. "This snake went looking for eggs." (hint2: "Snake is feeling like a kameleon today ;)") **KF**
16. "Beware not to burn your hands!" **KF**
17. "I can be her boa snake :)"
18. "Ssssss - any news today?" **KF**
19. "Burton house is weird ..."
20. "Get it quick! Or it might float away with the Balloons"
21. "I'm no dummy!" **KF**
22. "Bird got a cold!"
23. "Do you believe in magic?" **KF**
24. "Click the red "I" (hint giver) by the posters for an updated hint!" **KF**
25. You will find it without a hint :) **A**
26. "You may not fit in this Mansion but the snake does" **KF**
27. "ROSES are red, violets are blue, I love Tim Burton, so do you!" **KF**
28. "I hear snakes like to hide in dark corners...perhaps under easels?"
29. "Sometimes snakes like to curl up in your HAIR and in corners!:
30. "Umong the poppys" **KF**
31. "Its taking a nap under a tree."
32. "The eldest Oyster looked at him,
But never a word he said:
The eldest Oyster winked his eye,
And shook his heavy head--
Meaning to say he did not choose
To leave the oyster-BED.." **KF**
33. "Take the train and stop to "backpack". Look around you.... and look for bones...." **KF** (kid store :) so please don't be naked :) )
34. "Search Jack"
35. "Sauce Chess"
36. "There must be more to life than sitting and wondering if there's more to life"
37. "This snake loves the bathrooms but the modern one ;)"
38. "Stop bothering me!"
39. "Bottom of the things she may be, try to also listen to music that will play."
40. "Snakes and spiders have a discussion under your nose."
41. "I'm waiting in your garden of Eden." **KF**
42. "Storage." **KF**
43. "The Ace? The Queen? The Hutter? Up? Down? i would do like the white rabbit, jump up and watch your head!" **KF**
44. "Staying informed will earn you a reward."
45. "This little snake likes to hang out with his pal Frank." **KF**
46. no longer available
47. "Luna's shop is the place to be
If you want a snake to see
Look side to side and high and low
You never know where a snake might go." **A, F**
48. "Tired of hunting? Take a seat"

49. "Between Boxes and Cartons the Snake loves to have a rest" **KF**
50. "The snakes love dead trees" (end of the hunt) **KF**